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    ~JeDai circle~ Reiki Share

    Sacred Earth Walk

    Reiki Share ~JeDai Circle of Chesapeake~ Open to all level Reiki practitioners! We will begin with a guided meditation, then we will take turns in giving Reiki to everyone present. Depending on the number of participants will depend on the amount...

    Open Sewing Class with Itsy

    Studio Create: Come Make Something!

    FREE EVENT: Come meet our new sewing instructor, Itsy! She will be demonstrating how to use the sewing machine, and have samples of things to make in upcoming classes. Kids are welcome! You can also bring your machine if you like, and chat...

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    7 Strategies for a Well Designed Kitchen

    7 Strategies for a Well-Designed Kitchen #hzfooter7224146{overflow:hidden !important;transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;-webkit-transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;} #hzfooter7224146:hover{overflow-y:auto !important;height:51px!important;} Architecture, interior design, and more ∨ Browse bedroom ideas, from loft beds to luxury beadspreads, and dream in style.From luxury wallpaper to a wall stencil, designer upholstery fabric to room dividers, design doesn’t stop at construction.

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    Thinking of having a professional appraisal to determine your homes value?

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    Looking for a user-friendly real estate app?

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