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    Coffee & Chat Virginia Beach
    8-26-16 7:00 am - This is an Online Meetup Gathering
    Autism Society of Tidewater Virginia

    Come meet new friends, share ideas, get support and encouragement and find out about resources and more! This group is facilitated by Theresa Zano-McMillan, Autism Society, Tidewater Virginia President and Medicaid Mentor.   This is an open...

    Oneness Blessing and Meditation @ Unity
    8-26-16 7:00 am - This is an Online Meetup Gathering
    Oneness Meditations Hampton Roads

    Join Oneness Trainers Deb and Lorraine as they host a beautiful meditation and blessing at Unitity.  Oneness Blessing Receive the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) after the Deep Kundalini Meditation known as the Powerful Ananda Mandala Meditation.What...

    Soul Retrieval Video Part I with Dr. Alberto Villoldo
    8-26-16 7:00 am - This is an Online Meetup Gathering
    Shaman Circle of Virginia Beach

    This meetup comes to you in this online only. You see it as a regular meetup but is actually only an online activity. It is self directed and independent. Unfortunately in order to post these independent and online only meetups I must put a time...

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    7 Strategies for a Well-Designed Kitchen #hzfooter7224146{overflow:hidden !important;transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;-webkit-transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;} #hzfooter7224146:hover{overflow-y:auto !important;height:51px!important;} Architecture, interior design, and more ∨ Browse bedroom ideas, from loft beds to luxury beadspreads, and dream in style.From luxury wallpaper to a wall stencil, designer upholstery fabric to room dividers, design doesn’t stop at construction.

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