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  • Community Events

    "LIVE Jazz" 007 Bond Spectre Belvedere Party featuring Rick Elliott

    Hampton Roads Jazz Lovers

    Its a 007 Bond & Belvedere Exploration as Live Jazz continues to thrive in the Great Neck area of Virginia Beach for the "All Mature Adults" in the 757! Come out to the most elegant yet casual after work experience in a classy and laid back...

    Dinner at Tupelos Honey Cafe

    Virginia Beach 30's and 40's Singles

    Relax with a meal before you cook that bird and fixins.

    Share Tiny House Plans, Accessories, Concepts, or Current Events

    Tiny Living Movement of the 757

    Bring the tiny house plans you've been working on, photos of the folding credenza bed you've found, news of a new Tiny House Community, etc...  this is the perfect forum to share your findings and learn about findings of your fellow enthusiasts.

  • Recent Posts

    7 Strategies for a Well Designed Kitchen

    7 Strategies for a Well-Designed Kitchen #hzfooter7224146{overflow:hidden !important;transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;-webkit-transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;} #hzfooter7224146:hover{overflow-y:auto !important;height:51px!important;} Architecture, interior design, and more ∨ Browse bedroom ideas, from loft beds to luxury beadspreads, and dream in style.From luxury wallpaper to a wall stencil, designer upholstery fabric to room dividers, design doesn’t stop at construction.

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    Thinking of having a professional appraisal to determine your homes value?

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    Looking for a user-friendly real estate app?

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    Gorgeous Golf Course Home for Sale in Pinewell

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    Great News! The numbers are in for the 2013 1st quarter!

    Rein (Real Estate Information Network) has just released the data for the first quarter and it is very promising! (And these are local numbers..not national). Here is the release for anyone interested: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE An Increase in Pending Sales and Decreasing Inventory Help Stabilize the Hampton Roads Real Estate Market (Virginia Beach, Virginia – […]

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    Bay Front Condo for Sale in Virginia Beach! Love Where You Live!

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    Trying to sell your home? How can you sell your home in less than a week?

    This beautiful home sold in a week….what does it take to sell a home in a week? When condition, location, and price hit that perfect mark…when the buyer sees value….your home will sell. If you are thinking of selling your home but don’t know how to get your house to that magical sweet spot, give […]

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    What are the Top 10 Remodeling Projects for 2013?

    Are you thinking of doing a remodeling project and want to know if your return on investment is worth it? If you are thinking of selling in the near future and want to make sure that the money you spend and the time you are investing in a project are worth it, you may wish to have […]

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    National Homes Sales Statistics… What affect do they have on you?

    So what do these statistics mean to you? As a seller? As a buyer? Or you as a home owner? This is very welcome news, and it is another sign of recovery. Good for sellers? Yes… Good for buyers? Yes… It is almost the perfect storm.. As prices creep up, interest rates are also tracking […]

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    Short Sales: 10 Common Myths Busted…and More!

    I would like to share a wonderful blog post from one of my favorite real estate blogs. Shorts Sales have absolutely become a part of our real estate lives… But the information that I hear is not always accurate. Here is a great list of “Myths” regarding short sales. The KCM Blog – “Short Sales […]

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